Meaningful Dialogue Only Way Forward: Kashmir Conclave.

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Image may contain: 6 people, people smilingProminent politicians, activists and journalists from India and occupied Kashmir have strongly pitched for reviving the dialogue process with all stakeholders of the Kashmir dispute.

According to media sources, speaking at a conference organized by a social group BRIEF in New Delhi, they warned against the Indian government’s present policy of dealing the problem with an iron hand, saying that it would only aggravate the situation in the territory. Prof Siddiq Wahid said that dialogue was the only way of resolving the dispute and emphasised that the Hurriyat leadership was an important stakeholder. Shujaat Bukhari stressing the need for dialogue with all stakeholders said that civil society had to play role in pressurizing the Indian government to resume the dialogue process. Vinod Sharma said that the Kashmir side story was not getting adequate coverage in the media. The pro-India NC leader, Nasir Aslam Wani said, meaningful dialogue is the only way to move forward and dialogue never hurts anything except egos. He lambasted some Indian TV channels for presenting Kashmir in negative way. Congress leader, Manish Tewari, also cautioned that the Kashmir dispute cannot be resolved by using only hard power. He criticized the Indian government’s current policy on Kashmir, saying it is consistently depending on “hard Power”. He said even BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has tried to initiate the dialogue process. He said, “We also need to talk to Pakistan as without this peace cannot be achieved.”


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