India, It’s Media out to Defame Kashmiri Leadership: Mirwaiz

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Image result for India, It’s Media out to Defame Kashmiri Leadership: MirwaizChairman of Hurriyat forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that India and its media are working to subvert the role of Kashmiri pro-freedom leadership in the resolution of Kashmir dispute by defaming them.

According to media sources, Mirwaiz, who addressed media via social networking sites after Indian government foiled his press conference by placing restrictions around his Nageen residence, said, “The Government of India and the Indian media have embarked on a consistent policy of playing intricate mind games with all those who consider that Kashmir is a dispute requiring resolution.”

He added that the resolution was a wide term with wide connotations.  “The inclusive dialogue among all stakeholders can be way forward. However, to subvert this possibility, political strategists have now advised the pre-eminent political class in India to embark upon intricate mind games,” he added. The first in this direction, Mirwaiz said, is the ploy to reduce the Kashmiri political leadership in their scope and stature to play any role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. “For that, the NIA has been roped in to frame the pro-freedom leadership through fabricated charges into a legal tangle. The India media is being utilized to facilitate that process further through a sustained and vicious campaign of spreading lies about the pro-freedom leadership and distorting facts,” he said. The Mirwaiz said a New Delhi-based channel has crossed all limits and launched a tirade of defamatory broadcasts with a motive to defame him both as the religious head of the Muslim community in J&K and as an independent head of a political party with a definite political ideology. “Even members of my family are being dragged into this vortex of lies and preposterous allegations, which is extremely deplorable to say the least,” he said. The Mirwaiz said, “In order to keep the record straight, I refute all defamatory allegations…. To tarnish my image; false, malicious and virulent propaganda imputing dishonest and underhand dealings to me is being deliberately spread,” he said.  He came up with the details of assets owned by him.


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