‘Thrashing Of Cops Illustrates Iok’s Bitter Situation’ Even Kashmiri Policemen Are Not Secure: Aphc

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Image result for ‘India Will Never Succeed To Suppress Kashmiris’ Struggle’All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has said that thrashing of Kashmiri policemen by Indian Army personnel in Gund area of Ganderbal shows that even Kashmiri policemen are not secure and the incident illustrates the grave situation the common civilians in territory are facing.

According to media sources, the APHC spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar commenting over the incident said, “It serves a bitter lesson for those officials and officers who for medals and material gains behave as more loyal than king.”

He ridiculed the former puppet Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, for demanding punishment to the army personnel involved in the thrashing of policemen and reminded him that due to draconian laws, Armed Forces Special Forces Act (AFSPA) and Disturbed Areas Act (DDA), the Indian soldiers cannot be prosecuted. He said that the territory was virtually reeling under martial law and hence in this lawless land no rule of law existed.

Senior APHC leader, Agha Syed Hassan Al-Moosvi Al-Safvi, addressing a function at Jadibal in Srinagar termed the Gund incident an eye-opener for the entire world. He said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police behaved as more loyal than the king to get medals, rewards and promotions.

Dukhtaran-e-Millat General Secretary, Nahida Nasreen, in a statement in Srinagar said that the ruthless thrashing of the police personnel by the Indian Army must serve as an eye-opener to the cops and they should now stop to help India to maintain its illegal control over Kashmir. She said that India had always used the Kashmiri politicians, bureaucrats and the police officials of Kashmir to perpetuate its occupation of Kashmir. Nahida Nasreen said, by donning the Indian uniform, the Kashmiri policemen have accepted to be slaves of India like those politicians and bureaucrats who do everything to brutalise Kashmiris as is ordered by their masters in New Delhi.

On the other hand, member of the so-called Kashmir Assembly, Engineer Abdur Rasheed in a statement in Srinagar urged the Kashmir police to learn lessons after six of its personnel were attacked by uncontrolled goons of the Army at Gund in Ganderbal. He said the incident is yet another proof to conclude that India treats every Kashmiri as its enemy.


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