Dr Fakhtoo Denied Communication with His Wife Aasiya: MDM

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Image may contain: 1 personMuslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) has said that the puppet authorities have denied its illegally detained Chairman, Dr Muhammad Qasim Fakhtoo, permission to talk to his jailed wife, Aasiya Andrabi.

According to media sources, the MDM spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar said that Dr Muhammad Qasim Fakhtoo who has completed 24 years in prison had asked the court to allow him to communicate with his incarcerated ailing wife Aasiya Andrabi who is imprisoned in Amphala jail in Jammu. He said that the court had denied permission observing that it was under the purview of jail authorities. “About a couple of months back the jail authorities assured Dr Muhammad Qasim that he would be allowed to talk to his wife, but now the jail authorities have informed him that they had sent the matter to home ministry and the reply is awaited,” he said. The spokesman said, “Should husband and wife be allowed to talk or not this is now to be decided by the home ministry!” He said that probably occupied Kashmir was the only part of the world where communication between husband and wife was subservient to the orders of home ministry.  The environment of terror and tyranny created by PDP and BJP is unparalleled in history of Kashmir and was not even seen in the worst period of Ikhwan (government gunmen) in 1996, he said. The spokesman added that Muslim Deeni Mahaz was not astonished by this tyrannical approach of the authorities towards Dr Muhammad Qasim Fakhtoo and Aasiya Andrabi and this in no way would break their resolve.


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