Martyrs’ Sacrifices Will Not Go Waste, Says Mirwaiz

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Image result for Kashmir MartyrsHurriyet forum Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, paying tributes to martyr Burhan Wani, his two associates and to over 120 civilians killed by the forces last year, said the sacrifices rendered by them would not go waste.

According to media sources, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a statement issued in Srinagar said arbitrary arrests and detention of youth, raids on people’s homes heavy deployment of forces across the length and breadth of the Valley repeated curfews and restrictions in downtown areas of Srinagar  city, repeated bans on commutation channels through phone and internet blockades suspension of inter-district rail and road services arbitrary frisking and checking of commuters on roads  and highways and harassment and humiliation of people have become the order of the day.

He said the threatening and senseless comments of BJP members that they will turn Kashmir into a graveyard for those seeking Azadi and on the GST, speak of their arrogance and ignorance with regard to the people of Kashmir and the Kashmir conflict.

The Mirwaiz said for last three consecutive Fridays including “Jumma tul Wida” Jamia Masjid has been locked down and the entire area is put under strict curfew.  Commenting on this he said, such is the apathy and indifference of this anti-Kashmir state towards the religious rights of the Muslims who are the in the majority that a huge population of Muslims almost each Friday is disallowed from offering obligatory Friday prayers. It has almost become a norm with the rulers to keep the central Jamia Masjid and other mosques locked on Fridays and bar people from praying there. Meanwhile, the Chairman of Tehreek-e-Mazahmat, Bilal Sidiqee in his statement in Srinagar paid glorious tributes to Shaheed Burhan Wani, his two associates and other martyrs during people’s uprising.


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