Hizb Commander Asks People to Foil Nefarious Designs.

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Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoorIn occupied Kashmir, the operational commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Muhammad Yasin Yatoo alias Commander Ghaznavi has asked people to remain vigilant to foil nefarious designs of the elements who are sowing the seeds of discontent among the Muslims in the territory.

According to media sources, in a video message that has gone viral on social media, the 40-year old commander who hails from Budgam district stressed people to have faith in political and armed resistance leadership while cautioning those challenging legal and historic nature of the Kashmir dispute. “You should foil nefarious designs of the elements who are sowing the seeds of discontent among the Muslims in the form sectarian tensions by invoking and interpreting Islam and Quran out of context and misrepresenting Islamic history deliberately to suit their vested interests,” he said.

“Any person, whosoever challenges legal and historic nature of Kashmir conflict is either living in a fool’s paradise or is unintentionally or intentionally playing  into the hands of divisive elements,” Ghaznavi is heard saying in the video.

The Kashmir dispute, he goes on to say, has been widely acknowledged by the world community and it has strong legal, geographical, international and diplomatic dimensions. “So, the armed resistance leadership takes everything into consideration before devising any strategy” he says. Stressing the religious background and genesis of Kashmir conflict while reiterating the two-nation theory, the basis of distinction between the Muslim nation and other nations, Ghaznavi says that Kashmir issues is based on Islamic ideology and from the very beginning religion has been the driving force behind Kashmir struggle like the two-nation theory. Emphasizing that attempts have been made in past by the Indian agencies and their cohorts to create wedge within ranks, Ghaznavi says that India had also been boasting about wiping out armed resistance from Kashmir. “They have failed in every attempt in the past. We have risen and our ranks have strengthened further which has frustrated them,” Ghaznavi said. “With the grace of Allah the freedom movement is getting strong day by day but the need of hour is to remain united at this crucial juncture and I assure you that we will surely succeed in our mission,” he added. Cautioning people of the propaganda unleashed by Indian police against political and militant leadership, he says, “The youth should not unnecessary become get trapped in the debates that are purposefully directed to create confusion and chaos among youth to mislead them and take them away from resistance against forcible control.


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