Kashmir’s cultural exhibition held in Brussels

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Image result for Kashmir’s cultural exhibition held in BrusselsAn exhibition on art and culture of Kashmir was arranged at the European Headquarters in Brussels.

According to media sources, the exhibition of Kashmiri handicrafts, dresses and pieces of Kashmiri art was organised by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) at the European Press Club in Brussels.

A large number European people showed their interest in the art and cultural worked presented on the occasion.

The cultural exhibition will help in raising culture of people of Kashmir and would create awareness of about the region of Kashmir. We want to show solidarity with people of Kashmir through such events, says Chairman of Kashmir Council EU. He emphasized that art and culture were effective tools for raising the rights of the people.

Ali Raza Syed said, besides the promotion of culture of Kashmir, the objectives of the exhibition are to update the European people about latest situation in occupied Kashmir. Kashmir Council EU has so far held a number of the conferences, seminars, exhibitions and as well as campaigns for collection of one million signatures in Belgium and other European countries in order to make aware the Europeans about Kashmir.


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