Indian troops thrash Engineering student in Banihal

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Image result for Indian troops thrash Engineering student in BanihalIndian troops thrashed an engineering student, Mouzam Bashir Wani, for overtaking an army convoy in Banihal on Srinagar-Jammu highway.

According to media sources, the student was beaten up and abused by the troops. Mouzam Bashir Wani was travelling in a car along with his friends when he was stopped by the soldiers on the highway.

“He (army man) beat me up with sticks and abused me for daring to overtake their vehicle,” said Mouzam Bashir Wani, a resident of Gundadalkote area of Banihal.

Later, Mouzam Bashir Wani and his friends blocked the highway near Shifa Pani to demand action against the culprit soldiers. Locals joined the protest, saying that the troops were resorting to hooliganism while travelling on the highway.

“They (troops) are not letting any car or motorcycle to overtake them. Anybody daring to overtake is beaten up by the soldiers,” they said.

An official said that the highway was opened for traffic only after the troops sought apology from the student.


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