Indian Media at War with Kashmiris: JKPM

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Image result for Indian Media at War  KashmirisJammu and Kashmir people’s Movement (JKPM) has said that the Indian media has declaring a war against the people of Kashmir.

According to media sources, Hurriyat leader and the JKPM  Chairman, Mir Shahid Saleem in a statement in Jammu said almost entire print and electronic media with a very few exceptions was spreading the venom and hatred across India against the people of Kashmir who are running a peaceful struggle for their inalienable right to self-determination.

He said that Indian news channels were competing with each other in abusing and maligning the Kashmiris. He said these channels resort to the character assassination of the Kashmiri people on daily basis and sow the seeds of hatred and revenge against the Kashmiris, which results in the Kashmiris especially the youth and students being attacked everywhere across India.

The JKPM Chairman, however, said that the vicious campaign launched by the Indian media on the behest of Indian agencies could neither change the ground realities in Kashmir, nor could it change the predominant narrative about the Kashmir dispute.


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