‘Celebrations in IOK Over Pak Victory a Referendum against India’

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Image result for ‘Celebrations in IOK Over Pak Victory a Referendum against India’In occupied Kashmir, member of the so-called Kashmir Assembly, Engineer Abdur Rasheed, has said that the celebrations held all across the territory after Pakistan’s victory over India in Champions Trophy was Kashmiris’ referendum against India.

According to media sources, Engineer Abdur Rasheed in a statement issued in Srinagar while asking New Delhi to learn lessons from the celebrations said that anti-India sentiment had got deep-rooted in occupied Kashmir. He said that it was strange that Indian TV Channels were still trying to distort the facts and putting their own narratives and fabricated versions. The way Kashmiris celebrated Pakistan’s victory over India in Champions Trophy, not only in cities and towns, but in the remotest hamlets from Kupwara to Kishtwar, it is proven beyond doubt that New Delhi is ruling through the barrel of the gun and has miserably failed to win hearts and minds of even those who had some corner for New Delhi in Kashmir, he said. “It is strange that even large numbers of cops belonging to local police were praying for Pakistan which is an ample proof that New Delhi’s grip on Kashmir is now only through the courtesy of military might. The celebrations have proved like a referendum against India’s all arrogances,” he added. Engineer Rasheed said that though sports had to be always delinked from politics and Kashmiris were not enemies of India, but it was New Delhi and its harsh media which had always shamelessly and without logic used cricket to score political points over Pakistan.


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