Protest Demonstrations against Indian brutalities in IOK

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Image result for One Civilian Killed, several injured in Troops’ Action in ArwaniHurriyet leaders and organizations organized protest demonstrations against the brutalities of Indian troops in the territory particularly in Shopian where people were subjected to severe torture and vandalism after they celebrated Pakistan Cricket team’s win in England.

According to media sources, call for the protests has been given by the joint resistance leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik that is also intended to protest against the raids of Indian National Investigation Agency on the houses of Hurriyat leaders.

Tehreek-e-Hurriyet Jammu and Kashmir, held a massive protest in Soiteng Lasjan in Srinagar. Hundreds of local youth participated in the protest.

Addressing the gathering, Tehreek-e-Hurriyet activist Umer Aadil Dar said that they wanted peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute but the authorities were not allowing the resistance leadership to do their work on the ground.

He also strongly condemned the Indian NIA raids on the leaders of Tehreek-e-Hurriyet and appealed the authorities to release all the political prisoners before Eid.

Hurriyet leaders, Shabbir Ahmad Dar, Muhammad Iqbal Mir, Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi, Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo, Master Muhammad Maqbool Traal and Manzoor Ahmad, today, addressing people at Jamie Dadsar Traal said that the use of brute force could not crush kashmir freedom struggle.

They said that despite Indian state terrorism, the people of Kashmir would continue their struggle for freedom and would never give up resistance or change their stance. They said that the raids by Indian NIA were meant to drag and implicate Hurriyet leadership into fabricated cases.

They said that Indian authorities were scared of the commitment of resistance leaders and people with the freedom movement and their main aim was to discredit and defame the Hurriyet leadership. He, however, added that the authorities would not succeed in their sinister designs.

Hurriyet leader, Javaid Ahmad Mir in his address at Lal Chowk in Srinagar and the DPM Chairman, Mohammad Shafi Reshi and the Chairperson of JKMM, Farida Behenji in their statements said that the people of Kashmir would continue their struggle till taking it to its logical conclusion.


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