Ex-IAF Chief Suggests Ruthless Measures in IOK

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Image result for indian Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal P V NaikSupporting India’s aggressive policies in occupied Kashmir, former Indian Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal P V Naik, has called for ruthless measures including the use of air power to kill the Kashmiri youth without a warning during siege and search operations in the territory.

According to media sources, P V Naik in an interview in Mumbai suggested a slew of methods, which, he said, could be “better accomplished” under a few months of Governor’s Rule.

“Hard decisions will have to be taken…It (the situation) demands something which others feel we as a nation lack: Ruthlessness,” he said.

Meanwhile, the High Court Bar Association of occupied Kashmir in a statement in Srinagar strongly condemned the statement of former IAF Chief, Air Chief Marshal, P V Naik.

The Bar Association appealed to the international community to take notice of the biased and revengeful statements of serving and retired Indian Army/Naval/Air Force officers, who all in one voice, ask for the elimination of the people of Kashmir.

It said that India was using all its military might and state terror to subjugate and suppress the innocent people of Kashmir and was engaged in systematic genocide of Kashmiris for last 70 years. It added that India didn’t deserve any respect in the civilized world for committing such grave human rights violations in Kashmir.


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