Inhuman Treatment Meted Out To Burmese Refugees In Jammu

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Image result for HRW kashmirJamaat-e-Islami (JI) has expressed concern over the inhumane treatment meted out to Muslim refugees of Burma at the hands of local puppet administration and police in Jammu.

According to media sources, the JI in a statement issued in Srinagar said, “These refugees are being subjected to inhuman treatment in Jammu areas which is not only immoral but a blatant violation of all international laws relating to the refugees.”

It said that three refugees, Mohammad Farooq, Abu Alam and Mohammad Saleem, who crossed over to India in 2010 and on Eid-ul-Azha came to Nagrota Jammu to meet their relatives living there. It said that while going back to Rajasthan, they were apprehended by Kathua police and after being subjected to inhumane torture sent to Munsiff Court, Kathua, which after conducting the trial for crossing over the border illegally, sentenced all the three to two years imprisonment which they completed in December 2012.

The statement said that they were then booked under draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) four times one after another for two years and in December 2014, when they came out of the Kathua jail, they were re-arrested by police, which after keeping them in various police stations in a pitiable condition for about eight months once again slapped them with the PSA and were languishing in Kathua jail till date.

The JI said that despite the production of international refugee cards by their relatives, the authorities refused to release them which was a blatant violation of refugees’ rights.

The statement strongly condemned this inhumane and unethical behavior of the puppet administration and police towards the hapless refugees and demanded their immediate release.


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