Lawyers Boycott Courts To Denounce Rawat’s Statement

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Image result for Lawyers Boycott Courts To Denounce Rawat StatementIn occupied Kashmir, lawyers associated with Kashmir High Court Bar Association abstained from courts in protest against the reign of terror let loose by Indian forces in the territory.

According to media sources, due to the strike, the work in high court as well as in lower judiciary was badly affected.

The HCBA in a statement said that the strike was also held to denounce the statement of Indian Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat, and commendation of Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied a man from Badgam to an Army jeep as a human shield on April 9.

General Bipin Rawat in his statement had said that the main object of awarding Major Gogoi was to boost the morale of the young officers,” adding that “I wish these people instead of throwing stones, were firing at us, then I could do what I want to do.”

The HCBA said that the statement of General Rawat was inhuman and barbaric and would also further encourage Indian forces’ personnel to humiliate, torture, kill, maim and blind the innocent people of Kashmir.

Meanwhile, the HCBA at its general body meeting in Srinagar stated that the Kashmiris are engaged in the freedom struggle to get rid of forcible Indian occupation. “Kashmiris’ struggle is a legitimate one and there are more than 28 UN Security Council resolutions, which support their cause and provide for the holding of plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir,” it added.


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