Army is No Solution to Kashmir Dispute: Tarigami

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Image result for Army is No Solution to Kashmir Dispute: TarigamiCommunist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader, Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami has said that army was never solution to the Kashmir dispute and never will it be.

According to media sources, Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami addressing a press conference in Srinagar said that the statements being made (by Indian political and military leadership) for past few weeks were tantamount to the declaration of martial law in occupied Kashmir. “Making a Kashmiri civilian as human shield is being justified by a few people. Army chief has made statement which is very unfortunate. Sometimes it is said that let normalcy return first for holding of dialogue and sometimes it is said that no dialogue would be held with Pakistan or with those in Kashmir who are dissidents,” he said. Yousuf Tarigami said that the BJP government must not use forces as instruments for its vested political interests as it was neither good for India nor for the forces. He said, the situation in Kashmir continues to worsen. “It is sufficiently established that the Kashmir policy of the BJP has proved to be a complete failure. Instead of taking political initiatives to address the situation, the statements pouring in from those who are at the helm of affairs, including the Indian Defense Minister are providing indications as if the government is at war with the people of Kashmir,” he said. The CPI-M leader suggested the Indian government to keep army away from politics and the political agenda of the ruling party. He said that the highly irresponsible and provocative statements further vitiated the atmosphere. “Whatever the circumstances, war is no solution. Voices demanding settling accounts with Pakistan through military means should be rejected. India and Pakistan must realize they have to move together for a better and peaceful future. For a meaningful breakthrough in their relations, political will is needed, which, unfortunately is missing at the moment,” he said. Yousuf Tarigami also expressed concern over continued closure of educational institutions I occupied Kashmir. “Our colleges and schools are closed. I would like to ask the authorities to keep police out of educational institutions. Don’t make police actions routine in schools,” he said. He also called for an end to border tension between India and Pakistan and start of a structured dialogue among all stakeholders to address the Kashmir dispute.


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