Detainees’ Condition in Rajastan Jail Pitiable

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Image result for Detainees’ Condition in Rajastan Jail PitiableSweltering heat of Rajastan has adversely affected the health of four Kashmiri detainees who have been languishing in Jaipur jail for the past two decades.

According to media sources, the brother of one of the detained Srinagar youth told media men in Srinagar that the plight of four detainees from Kashmir in Jaipur jail is pitiable. “Besides my brother Latif Ahmed Waja and Mirza Nisar Hussain both residents of Khanqah-e-Mollah, there is Ali Muhammad Butt from Hasanabad Srinagar and Abdul Ghani Goni of Doda in the jail. He said, “A few days ago, I visited my brother in Jaipur jail. I was not permitted to take juice and water bottles inside the jail.  I was shocked to see the pathetic condition of these detainees. It is a hell like situation as Jaipur is reeling under sweltering heat.”  Latif Ahmed Waza and Mirza Nisar Hussain according to their families were arrested by Delhi Police in a fake case of Lajpat Naga bomb blast in 1996. However, they were acquitted by the High Court, but were re-arrested later on another fake charge of Dausa blast in Jaipur.


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