Future of Hundreds of Kashmiri Students Turns Bleak

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The career of hundreds of Kashmiri students selected under the so-called Indian PM’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) is turning bleak with Indian Human Resource Ministry outrightly refusing to pay the scholarships on one pretext or another.
According to Kashmir Media Service, over 3,000 students from occupied Kashmir were selected for various professional degree courses under the said scheme, but they are facing humiliation at the hands of respective college authorities for being unable to pay the dues due to the backtracking of the Indian ministry from it commitment, media reports said. Launched in 2009 in the wake of 2008 mass uprising, the scheme somehow worked for sometime, but later it proved to be hoax. When contacted puppet Minister of Education Naeem Akhtar told a Valley-based daily that some unscrupulous persons were involved in admission process and they managed the admission of hundreds of students in unrecognized colleges without following the criteria and norms. However, analysts believe the scheme was nothing but just a trap to distract Kashmiri youth’s attention from freedom struggle.



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