Day: April 30, 2015

Future of Hundreds of Kashmiri Students Turns Bleak

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The career of hundreds of Kashmiri students selected under the so-called Indian PM’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) is turning bleak with Indian Human Resource Ministry outrightly refusing to pay the scholarships on one pretext or another.
According to Kashmir Media Service, over 3,000 students from occupied Kashmir were selected for various professional degree courses under the said scheme, but they are facing humiliation at the hands of respective college authorities for being unable to pay the dues due to the backtracking of the Indian ministry from it commitment, media reports said. Launched in 2009 in the wake of 2008 mass uprising, the scheme somehow worked for sometime, but later it proved to be hoax. When contacted puppet Minister of Education Naeem Akhtar told a Valley-based daily that some unscrupulous persons were involved in admission process and they managed the admission of hundreds of students in unrecognized colleges without following the criteria and norms. However, analysts believe the scheme was nothing but just a trap to distract Kashmiri youth’s attention from freedom struggle.


India Using Power Company For Cultural Aggression In IOK

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The forum led by the veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has said that the Indian power company, National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), assuming the role of the erstwhile East India Company of British rule, is apart from plundering the natural resource of the Valley, is also involved in waging cultural aggression in the territory.
According to Kashmir Media Service, the spokesman of the forum, Ayaz Akbar in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the officials of the company deployed at a project in Uri area of Baramulla were involved in immoral practices. On April 19, he said, the locals in the area informed police about some immoral activities taking place in the Uri-I power project. Ayaz Akbar said that the institution was being used by India as a tool to wage cultural aggression. He maintained that the activities were against “our social and religious ethics.” “Actually, this institution is being used as a launching pad for cultural aggression against the people of Kashmir,” he said.

India Warned against Issuance of PRCS at Schools in IOK

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Condemnations against issuance of Permanent Resident Certificates (PRCs) to non-Kashmiris at school level by PDP-BJP coalition continue to pour in from various quarters in the territory.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Hurriyet Conference Jammu and Kashmir (HCJK) in a statement in Srinagar warned the puppet administration of dire consequences against issuing PRCs and caste certificates to children at schools. It said that the move was aimed at changing the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hurriyet leader Shabbir Ahmad Dar and others in a joint statement said, “It is not hidden from anyone that Mufti Muhammad Sayeed has surrendered before RSS fanatics and is leaving no stone unturned in satisfying his BJP masters and implementing the hidden agendas of fascist ideologies in Jammu and Kashmir.” They said that India and its anti-Kashmir politicians were hell bent upon settling the non-locals in the territory only to turn Muslim majority into minority and to suppress the resistance movement.

Meanwhile, the Jamaat-e-Islami of occupied Kashmir in a statement in Srinagar termed the PDP-BJP coalition’s initiative to assign schools the task of issuing PRCs to students as a dangerous ploy to bring about demographic change in Muslim majority Kashmir.

“This seems to be an attempt to dilute the Muslims majority of the territory by granting PRCs to the 1947 non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan presently living in different areas of Jammu region. The BJP seems to be implementing its long pending agenda. There are lakhs of children studying in various schools of Jammu whose parents have migrated to Jammu either in 1947 from different areas of Pakistan or have shifted from other areas of India after 1947,” the JI spokesman, Advocate Zahid Ali, said in a statement.

Pro-India National Conference also lashed out at PDP-BJP alliance for issuing State Subject Certificates at schools saying that the move was aimed at diluting the State Subject Laws and to subsequently alter the Kashmir’s demographic character. Senior party leaders Agha Syed Ruhullah and Ali Mohammad Dar in a joint statement said National Conference would defeat all such sinister designs.


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Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Political Movement (DPM) has said that the sacrifices rendered by the Kashmiri martyrs have center-staged the Kashmir dispute at the international level.

According to Kashmir Media Service, DPM General Secretary Advocate Muhammad Shafi Reshi in a statement issued in Srinagar said that hundreds of thousands Kashmiris had laid down their lives to end India’s illegal occupation over Jammu and Kashmir.

The Hurriyet leader said that despite unleashing the worst type of state terrorism in the occupied territory, India had miserably failed to suppress the freedom sentiments of the Kashmiri people.

He vowed that the people of Kashmir would continue their struggle till securing their right to self-determination.


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High Court Bar Association has strongly denounced the promised earmarking of 50 acres (400 Kanals) of land as a first installment for the setting up of separate colonies for Kashmiri Pandits.

According to Kashmir Media Service, High Court Bar Association at its general body meeting in Srinagar, today, said that the Kashmiri people were not against the return of Pandits to their original places, but were against the acquiring of land for the above purpose. This, it said, would create a wedge between the Pandits and Muslims.

It was stated that the settlement of the Kashmiri Pandits in these colonies would have social and political ramifications. The meeting pointed out that the plan for separate colonies was actually a ploy of the Indian government to divide the Kashmiri people on the basis of race and religion to weaken the freedom struggle.

The members also criticized the grant of State Subject Certificates to the students at schools.


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Hurriyet leader Shabbir Ahmed Dar has said that Indian leaders belonging to saffron brigade are issuing provocative statements to create communal disharmony by hurting the sentiments of Muslim majority population in the territory.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Shabbir Ahmed Dar in a statement issued in Srinagar, today, said that the move was aimed at prolonging the Indian occupation over Jammu and Kashmir through fanning discord in Kashmir.

“Right from Subramaniyan Swamy to Indresh Kumar, a set pattern of statements are coming which even under Indian constitution can land them behind the bars, but on the contrary they are being encouraged to continue with this hate campaign,” he added.

He denounced the arrest of Masarrat Aalam Butt terming it gross violation of human rights and urged world human rights organizations to take appropriate measures for his immediate release.


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Chief patron of JKLF-R, Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo while lashing out at the statement of a puppet minister has said that during the time of floods Indian Army did not come to rescue any common Kashmiri.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Barrister Tramboo in a statement said, “It was the youths of Kashmir who exhibited the outstanding courage and helped their fellow Kashmiris. At the certain places they even rescued the non state subjects. The Indian Army had left the Kashmiris to die.”

He further said that J&K was never and will never be a part of the India and in this connection asking the pro-freedom leaders to accept the Indian constitution in order to start the dialogue process and that solution will be taken within the boundaries of the Indian constitution, has no substance. “This is indeed raising questions on the UN resolutions on Kashmir and also on the world community especially United Nations which has opted to remain as the mute spectators,” he added.

Tramboo said that Kashmir is a disputed territory and solution to this problem should be in accordance with the UN resolutions and not within the boundaries of the Indian constitution.

Tramboo while castigating the puppet CM said that he should stop playing games with the innocent Kashmiris and should make his stand clear on the setting the Kashmiri Pandits in separate colonies and should shun this habit of talking one language in Srinagar and another in Delhi. Like nullifying the plan of settling Kashmiri Pandits in separate colonies promising 400 Kanal of land for Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir to Delhi, he pointed out.